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ExamBank's Noggin Hoggin' Challenge Feedback

We are very interested in receiving feedback from those who have participated in one or more of ExamBank's Noggin Hoggin' Challenges so that this contest continues to evolve in a direction you find most fun and exciting. Remember - these contests are for you, so help us to create what you would most like to see!

You don't have to answer all of the following questions, but the more details you can give us, the better. Since we want to prioritize feedback received from people who have actually tried one or more of our challenges, your email address, however, is required and must be one you used to register for a past challenge.

What is the email address you signed up with?
How many challenges have you played so far?
What is the best that you have done in our challenges?

If you never started any of our challenges, you are done. Just click on the "Send your feedback" button on the bottom to give us your feedback. Otherwise, please continue to provide you as much information as you wish.

In general, what has been you opinion of the Noggin Hoggin Challenges?
What is one of the past questions that you've liked the most?
What is one of the past questions that you've liked the least?
On average, how would you describe the difficulty level of the questions? How long did they take you to solve?
What are some of the resources you used to solve the Noggin Hoggin' questions? (family, teachers, friends, internet, etc.)
What is the coolest thing you've learned from the Noggin Hoggin' questions?
Do you have any suggestions for future questions or ideas?
If you have any other comments at all, we would love to hear them!
What is 2+3? (to stop spammers)
Check the box to the left if you would you allow us to use your first name and last initial next to any comments you make that we may want to post in a future "testomonials" page.