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Noggin Hoggin' Challenge Starting on Monday April 13, 2015

Here are the past questions which were used in this Noggin Hoggin' Challenge, along with the answers we accepted and an explanation.


Bonus Question (Head Start Clue)

A decade ago, an everyday item was proven to be the oldest of its kind in the UK.

It's genesis dates back to an era when an English King had a mighty vision, and came to build a place of rest. Over the centuries, he would be joined by many other famous, powerful, brilliant, and brave souls.

Near to where this antique object is now positioned within a vestibule and near a cloister, poets congregate and royalty make promises.

Which scientific method was used to determine, with relative certainty, the approximate age of this item?

Acceptable answers:
tree-ring dating
dendrochronological dating


The era we refer to in this headstart question is the 11th Century, when the original Westminster Abbey was built on the site of a monastery. The English King who had a mighty vision was an Anglo-Saxon monarch named Edward the Confessor, and he was behind its conception. The more modern version of the Abbey was started by Henry III in 1245.

Over the centuries, more than 3000 people have been either buried or commemorated at the Abbey. Some of the more well-known names of those buried on site include: Geoffrey Chaucer (author), Charles Darwin (scientist), Charles Dickens (author), George Frederic (composer), Sir Isaac Newton (physicist/mathematician), and Laurence Olivier (actor).

Many other significant figures are memorialized at Westminster Abbey, even though their physical remains are elsewhere. Prominent examples include Sir Winston Churchill, playwright William Shakespeare, and writer Jane Austen. The memorials for Shakespeare and Austen (along with the tombs of Chaucer and Dickens) can be found in Poets' Corner, a tribute to the nation's history of literary distinction.

Westminster Abbey has also been the setting for scenes of great celebration, including sixteen royal weddings.

References to vestibules and cloisters further confirm that Westminster Abbey is, in fact, the correct location of the everyday item in question. In 2005, an oak door often referred to as the "Pyx" door was revealed to be the oldest door in Britain.

Although the door certainly appeared to be ancient, many were surprised to learn that scientific dating showed the door actually originated from the abbey constructed by Edward the Confessor in the 11th century. Dendrochronology is the formal term for the dating and study of annual rings in trees, and this method proved that the door was constructed between 1032- 1064, making it nearly 1000 years old!

Of course, this also means that hundreds of years later, when King Henry II reconstructed the abbey, he saved and reused this particular door.


Question for Monday April 13, 2015:

It's been sixty-six years since my mother – Lady – delivered me in an overturned war vessel in the Florida area, and not much has changed. I remain captive, and nearly 30 roommates have come and gone. They all must leave eventually, once they're better. My situation is different; I am endangered but I'll never have scars on my back.

I'm a sluggish herbivore, and my body is rather large. Not the size of an elephant, mind you, but I certainly don't have the figure of a quintessential mermaid. Alas, certain things just run in the family. My keepers ensure that I enjoy meals right on schedule. See for yourself, LIVE on camera. At what time each day is my last meal typically served?

Acceptable answers:
3:45 pm
3:45 p.m.


Snooty the manatee was born in a capsized warship near Miami, Florida in 1948. He has been in captivity since birth and now resides in the Parker Manatee Aquarium in a 60000 gallon tank. To date, he has lived with 28 other injured or ill manatees, most of whom were eventually returned to their natural habitat once rehabilitated.

Snooty is the oldest known living manatee in the world at the age of 66.

Today, all species of manatees are categorized as vulnerable; they are at a very high risk of one day becoming extinct. Propellers and boat hulls inflict serious or mortal wounds, and most manatees have a pattern of scars on their backs or tails after surviving collisions with boats. This, along with habitat issues such as colder waters, are the animal's biggest threats.

Manatees are a large aquatic relative of the elephant. They are grayish brown in color and have thick, wrinkled skin. Manatees were commonly mistaken for mermaids, inspiring myths and legends, even from notable explorers such as Christopher Columbus.

Snooty is 9 feet long and weighs over 1,000 pounds. His daily diet consists of between 80 and 100 pounds of food including romaine lettuce, carrots and apples. A "Snooty Cam" allows fans to follow his movements LIVE, but only during certain daytime hours. A schedule of when divers join in him the water and feeding times can be found by visiting southfloridamuseum.org. Click on "The Aquarium" drop down menu, then select "Snooty Cam". On this page, feeding times are listed as 11:15 A.M, 1:00 P.M, 2:45 P.M, and 3:45 P.M., so the correct answer to this question is 3:45 P.M.


Question for Tuesday April 14, 2015:

For this challenge, you'll have to decide which groups of letters below to unscramble, and which to translate. The words you uncover will help you answer the subsequent question.

gachnepone drisypha

myrer blomme roser søpindsvin

verdensklasse billetpris

An award-winning master and his place of business were briefly discredited when an affliction overcame his clients in a 5 day period in 2013. What percentage of guests were affected, rounded to the nearest whole number?

Acceptable answers:
fourteen percent
14 percent


The first two words, once unscrambled, reveal:

Copenhagen shipyard

The rest of the words need to be translated from Danish to English and become:

ants plum roses urchin
world class fare

These clues, particularly the reference to world class fare, combined with a location, allude to a prominent restaurant whose guests suffered some sort of illness.

NOMA has been listed as the top eatery in the world several times over in the last decade, and is located in a shipyard in Copenhagen, Denmark. Their menu consists of some unlikely yet intriguing fresh and locally sourced products.

With reports of up to 100,000 booking requests per month, reservations to dine at NOMA are extremely difficult to secure. A set meal with a wine pairing is currently listed at $2800 DKK, or $500 Canadian on their website.

René Redzepi — who was among TIME's 100 Most Influential People in the World in 2012 – is Noma's co-owner, founder and executive chef.

A viral outbreak among NOMA diners between February 12-16, 2013 prompted an investigation, jeopardizing the restaurant's sterling reputation. Dozens of the 435 guests who ate at the establishment during this time period fell ill with symptoms consistent with Norovirus. Although initial reports varied, the restaurant and the Danish food safety agency eventually agreed that the total number of patrons affected was 63.

Norovirus causes vomiting, nausea, and other gastrointestinal symptoms and is easily transmitted through poor hygiene or food contamination. It may also be transmitted by staff handling food, something the Danish food authority think may have contributed to the problem. At least one NOMA staff member also came down with the virus.

The Norovirus outbreak may have lost NOMA the #1 World's Best Restaurant title in 2013; but they were awarded the top spot again in 2014.

To answer the question, 63 out of 435 diners fell ill, or 14.483%. Rounded to the nearest whole number, the correct response is 14.

We are aware of one news web site that erroneously reports that "67 of the 78 guests who dined there between Feb 12 and 16 fell ill with food poisoning". As such, some of you answered 86% based on these numbers. However, we decided to not accept this possible answer, as despite what the web site says, those numbers simply aren't true, nor are they reasonable. When reading any material (whether online or otherwise), you should always try and determine whether what you are reading makes sense. In your research on Noma, you should have discovered that it is very difficult to secure a reservation, so most of its seats will always be filled. It's also easy to find that Noma has 45 seats. Noma serves both lunch and dinner, so it is reasonable to assume that approximately 90 people dine at Noma every day. In the 5 day period, one would expect 90 × 5 = 450 people to have eaten at Noma, which is reasonably close to the reports of 435 diners who ate during the time period. In any case, to think that only 78 guests dined at Noma during those 5 days, or only about 15 per day, should have given you cause for suspicion on the accuracy of the report. If only 15 people per day eat in a restaurant with 45 seats, it wouldn't be difficult to make a reservation.

Even if you hadn't noticed that, when researching, it's always a good idea to verify facts from at least two independent sources. The vast majority of online resources talking about the incident list that 63 patrons became sick out of 435 visitors. Remember - it is very important to always think critically when doing any research. Errors, even in well-respected publications, can and do occur.


Question for Wednesday April 15, 2015:

There is a Multi-Geocache only meters from the statue of this iconic Canadian.  This cache is part of a Heritage GeoTour.  If you were to find all the components of this multicache, you will end up learning about 3 Canadian icons, including one women who was named to the Order of Canada in the 1970s.

At the end of this multicache you will find yourself with coordinates that will have you virtually standing and viewing a sign that has what corporate name on it?

Acceptable answers:


Geocaching is a real world treasure hunt that can be done just about anywhere on the Earth with over 2.5 million active caches available to be found. To find a list of caches you can use the website geocaching.com or a portable device app created for finding geocaches.

This photo is of the Terry Fox Memorial situated just north of Thunder Bay, Ontario along the TransCanada Highway. If you look up the Terry Fox Memorial in Wikipedia you can find the latitute and longitude of the memorial. When you enter these coordinates (48° 29  6  N, 89° 10  7  W) into geocaching.com it will give you list of caches nearby.

The closest Multicache is the HHS - Canadian Visionaires cache. This multicache has a series of questions which have you researching C. D. Howe and then Elizabeth (Elsie) MacGill; the first woman to design aircraft. You would have discovered that Elsie worked at the Canadian Car and Foundry from 1938 to 1943 in Thunder Bay, though the Canadian Car and Foundry corporation no longer exists. To determine the location for the component of the multicache relating to Elsie MacGill, you had to solve some questions about C. D. Howe. The coordinates that you end up with for Elsie MacGill are N 48° 21.454 W89° 18.051. When you put these coordinates into Google Maps, and go into Street View, you will find yourself in the Bombardier parking lot within view of the Bombardier sign.


Question for Thursday April 16, 2015:

The beautiful dark skinned woman in this painting lived with her Great Uncle. As a man of the law, he is best known for his good judgment in a very well known case. In what year did this case happen?

Acceptable answers:


To find this image, you can either do a descriptive internet search, or try a new reverse image search, by uploading the image to Google or Tineye. Reverse image searches are very effective in finding matching images.

Dido Elizabeth Belle is the beautiful dark skinned girl in the painting. She was born into slavery in 1761, but her father, a captain of a British warship, brought her back to England from the West Indies and entrusted her care to his uncle, William Murray, 1st Earl of Mansfield. In his home, she was educated and raised as a free gentlewoman. Dido lived in the Kenwood House for 30 years. She was raised in the same manner as her cousin, Elizabeth Murray, who also lived in the home and was only a year older than Dido. Elizabeth is the other woman in the painting.

The 1st Earl of Manfield was the Lord Chief Justice and made a number of significant rulings in slavery cases. In 1772, he found that slavery had no place in English law, putting an end to slavery in Britain.

If you liked this question, you will love the movie "Belle", currently available on Netflix. It tells the story of Dido, her cousin, and her uncle.


Question for Friday April 17, 2015:


Find the list of words in the wordsearch puzzle below. Then uncover the hidden message and provide your answer in the space provided. Spelling counts!

Tip: Once all the blanks are filled, the message is complete. You must make an association once you've uncovered the hidden message; the message itself is NOT the final answer.

Acceptable answers:


Each of the phobias listed in this puzzle have a corresponding noun or verb to summarize the essence of the fear. Here are those relations:

Siderodromophobia: railway
Catoptrophobia: mirror
Myrmecophobia: ant
Leukophobia: white
Hypnophobia: sleep
Globophobia: balloon
Astraphobia: storm
Mageirocophobia: cooking
Selenophobia: moon
Lilapsophobia: tornado
Herpetophobia: reptile
Genuphobia: knee
Chronomentrophobia: clock

Upon finding all of these words in the puzzle you are left with some letters that weren't circled at all. The first 23 letters spell fearofthenumberthirteen. The phobia for this specific fear is known as Triskaidekaphobia, which is the correct final answer.

Hidden word: fear of the number 13 = Triskaidekaphobia


Question for Saturday April 18, 2015:

Nolan, Daphne, and Evan were enjoying their Saturday morning playing Crazy Eights. After awhile, Nolan had an idea of a little puzzle he wanted to pose to Daphne and Evan. He took the deck of cards, looked through it, withdrew 14 cards, and placed them face up on the table as shown below so they could both see them:

Right at noon, coincidentally right when the Noggin Hoggin' final question for this week was released, he then secretly chose one of the cards, and whispered the suit of the card to Daphne and the rank of the card to Evan. He then sat back and listened as they speculated on what they knew in an effort to try and figure out which card Nolan had chosen.

Daphne: Nolan, how on Earth can we ever figure this out? You haven't given us enough to go on! At least I know that Evan can't know what card you've chosen either!

Evan: Aha! Sorry Daphne! I suspect you didn't intend to, but you've just given away the prize of winning this puzzle to me. Now I know which card Nolan has chosen.

Daphne: Oh! I shouldn't have given that away! At least, now I know the card he's chosen too!

Imagine that everyone playing this Noggin Hoggin' Challenge is sitting in the room as observers with the three kids. Which one of you can be the first to correctly tell us which card Nolan has secretly chosen?

Assume that none of the kids lied about what they know, and both knew that each of their problem solving skills were impeccable in logically coming to a solution (ie: they never overlooked any possibilities, and knew that their opponent wouldn't either). None of them are psychic either!

Hint: If you're really stuck on this one and starting to think it's unsolvable, you may find inspiration in a logic puzzle that has become viral during this week. And it can be solved with nothing more than the information given in this question.

Write your answer in a format similar to "4 of hearts" or "Jack of diamonds".

Acceptable answers:
3 of clubs
3 of clover
3 of clovers
three of clubs
three of clover
three of clovers


Over this past week, a logic puzzle that originated from a Singapore math test has gone viral, appearing everywhere. In it, characters named Albert and Bernard are tasked with determining when Cheryl's birthday is. Though this question is different, the logic used in solving it is similar to determining Cheryl's birthday, so though this Noggin Hoggin' question can be independently solved, making the connection to the viral Singapore math test question would have provided some clues that may have made solving this question easier and faster.

In any case, we know that Daphne knows the suit of the card Nolan chose and Evan knows the rank (A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K) of the card. Right off the bat, we know that Daphne cannot know the card Nolan has chosen, since there is more than one card of each suit. But if Nolan told Evan that the rank was 4, 10, or K, Evan would know immediately which card Nolan had chosen, since there is only one 4, 10, and K. The only way that Daphne could know for certain that Evan can't initially know the card Nolan had chosen would be if she knew that Nolan can't have chosen the 4 of spades, 10 of spades, or King of hearts, to have given Evan a rank of 4, 10, or K. And the only way Daphne can know that Nolan can't have chosen one of those cards is if she knows that the suit is not spades or hearts. So Daphne must have been told that the suit is either clubs or diamonds. And Evan, being at least as smart as us, figured that out too.

As soon as he makes that connection, Evan announces that he has now figured out Nolan's card. The only way he could know for sure is if the rank he was given is now unambiguous considering the suits that are left. He knows the suit is either clubs or diamonds, and we know that the rank he was told must have been either Queen, Ace, 3, 5, or 8 as those are the only ranks available in one of the two suits. If he was told that the card had the rank of Queen or Ace, he wouldn't be able to know which card Nolan had chosen since there is both a Queen of clubs and Queen of diamonds, as well as an Ace of clubs and Ace of diamonds. However, if he was told that the rank was 3, 5, 8, he could know for certain which card Nolan had chosen, since there is only one card of each that has a suit of either clubs or diamonds. Since he announces that he knows Nolan's card, we know that the card must be either the 3 of clubs, 5 of diamonds, or 8 of diamonds. Daphne, of course, has figured this out too.

If Daphne had been told that the suit was diamonds, she still wouldn't be able to say definitively which card Nolan had chosen, since it could be either the 5 or 8. But since Daphne says that she now knows the card, she had to have been told the suit for which there is only one remaining choice - namely clubs.

Therefore, we know that the card Nolan had chosen must be the 3 of clubs. A less common, though still valid, name for the suit of "clubs" is "clover" or "clovers", so we accepted those variants as well.